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Happy Endings -- Successful Adoptions
Redford and Karl
July 20, 2009

Thank you for allowing us the privilege to share our home with such beautiful creatures!  The boys: aka "the monkeys" have been with us for a year now, and it seems like they have been with us forever - they have fit in so well.  It took a little adjustment on all of our behalf, but with some love and patience they settled in nicely.

You almost can't tell that Redford has epilepsy.  He had a comprehensive work up with the Vet soon after joining us.  The Vet did bloodwork and reduced his medication down from 4 pills a day to 1, and I'm happy to report that he has not had a seizure in the last year.  He is a curious dog with a sense of humor!  He loves to put his cold nose on any exposed flesh, and (seriously!) laughs when you scream from the shock!

Karl is the watchdog of the family.  No one can walk onto our property with out Karl knowing.  I think he just knows he's getting treats from our friends - but he sounds ferocious!  (The pizza guy is terrified!) And he never leaves my side.

They are the perfect Ying & Yang.

After our dog Frisco died (14 years old), we didn't think we could love another dog.  We were wrong.  Redford and Karl are not replacements for Frisco, but they are a testament to the spirit of dogs, a realization that everyone should have a dog (or 2, or 3) in their lives.  Without the companionship of both parties, neither one is whole.

We are blessed to have these wonderful creatures agree to live with us.  To greet us at the door every time we pass through and expect nothing more than love.  We are ready to reciprocate that love each and every day......
Buster and Heather

October 18, 2009

Many have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”.   Our adoption experience has taught us, “It takes a dog to awaken a village.”

When my 19-yr-old son Alex, 8-yr-old son Ian and I made the 3-hour drive to BWI airport on October 18, 2009 to pick up Buster and Heather, we thought we were at the end of our 4-month search for our new family members   Little did we know.

Buster and Heather arrived looking jostled and nervous.   The clerk officiously informed us that we would be fined if we opened the crates in the terminal, and it didn’t matter that both dogs were sitting in their own urine.  After being refused even a closet to wipe out the crate, we headed for the garage.   

We opened the crate before putting them in the vehicle to try to dump the urine. I reached in the crate to put on Heather’s collar.  She shifted her head and bolted past me.  Buster saw Heather run, and knocked Alex over to follow. Suddenly, I was sprinting through the parking garage, through the employee lot and onto the road chasing two white tails.   An airport limo driver opened his door and I rode on his sideboard to get closer to them.   We flagged down a policeman and he joined in the chase.  We chased them to a park.   I jumped from the car and headed after them, my hopes of a happy reunion diminishing with every step. 

Several dog walkers in the park joined in the search.   They offered dog treats, and tried to use their dogs to entice Buster and Heather to come near ,to no avail.  We flushed them back toward the airport.  The officer that had assisted me and the K-9 officer were waiting.   They, several of the dog-walkers, and airport staff members joined in the chase. Heather was corralled in the parking lot.

I took off after Buster, who was trotting happily down the railroad track.  I was nearly to him when we approached a busy street.   He bolted just before the traffic.   As I waited to cross the street, I saw his powerful body sprinting down the tracks.  Through tears, I realized it was probably the last time I would ever see him.  I followed for a bit, but he was nowhere to be found.

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Porter Lee aka Ollie

October13, 2012

Hi Tracey,
Thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Porter Lee.  He has been doing great and we have been loving him.  He warms up more and more ever day.  Thank you so much for giving us a great dog!  Hope all is well with you.  Anytime you are up our way you are more then welcome to come by. 

Thank you again,

Ryan, McKenzie, and Porter
Nico aka Pax

March 12, 2014

Dear Steve,
I wanted to send you a report about my new forever family and my new life as a very loved and, now, pretty spoiled puppy. I have my own bed and  am allowed to jump up on my parents' bed when I want to snuggle, or if I have a bad dream. Since I love to eat, I am lucky to be in this family cause my mom is a good cook.

I have a big yard to run in and mom and dad take me snow shoeing and hiking, or walking in the park, where we feed the ducks. They go to doggie school with me where they are learning to show me how to do stuff that seems important to them. So far, I understand: sit, down, stand, come (but only short distances), leave it, stay (for short times), go for a ride, go for a walk, treats, settle, good boy and very good boy. Our teacher says I am a quick learner and a very sensitive boy. That's what I have tried to tell everyone who would listen. Now, I  am finally taken at my woof/word!
I am so thankful that you and your Siberian Husky Rescue organization took me in and loved me, so I would be attractive to my new family. If it weren't for your compassion and loving care, I might not have been very adoptable. Thank you for finding my forever family for me. I will always woof you forever.
Nico (aka, Pax)
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