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About the Breed


Siberian Huskies are one of the most intelligent breeds out there. They have been known to unlatch gates, get into cabinets, open patio doors, and help themselves to whatever you happen to have on the counter.

They are very high energy and get bored easily. So if you don't create enough fun and entertainment for them, they will quite often amuse themselves.

Yard and Fashion Experts
Siberians, especially young ones, tend to be quite creative when it comes to landscaping, being an expert in mastering the art of digging. They are quite adept in escape tactics as well. And as for fashion, during their shedding season, a piece of them (or several) will be with you wherever you go!

Siberians are extraordinary animals. They deserve to be treated with respect to their breed, their intelligence, and their charm. Please make sure to research this breed before you try to adopt. Many of these animals are in rescue because of ignorance. They deserve a second chance at love and happiness with an owner who is will to understand the Siberian Husky, and everything that makes them special! It is well worth the effort to have a long lasting loyal companion that is usually very affectionate, protective and just darn silly.

Size Standards
The breed standard is usually 40-50 lbs. for a female and 65-70 lbs. for a male.

For more information about Siberian Huskies and their characteristics, please read more on our website or see the national Siberian Husky website at: www.shca.org.
For a donation of $5.00 or more you will receive this book as a gift from us.